Swayzak (unofficial name; also known as Hacker) is the protagonist and player character of Rez. He is a virus invading Eden's mainframe in order to prevent her from shutting down.


Child of EdenEdit

It's unknown if he actually is in the game, but fans believe he is the Virus that halts the awakening of Lumi into the K-Project.


Swayzak infects Eden and makes her doubt her existence and try to shut herself down, in an attempt to prove that he's a powerful virus. He eventually finds himself regretting this and invading her mainframe to restart her and reveal the true being at her core. Upon rebooting, Eden thanks Swayzak.


While he is not actually seen at any point during Rez, he possesses an avatar that the player controls within Project-K. His avatar has six forms, alongside a non-canonical seventh: a Morolian, as a homage to Space Channel 5, a game which was made by the same creator.

Zero Form First Form Second Form Third Form Fourth Form Final Form Real Form
M zero M first M second M third M fourth M final Swayzak2


  • Swayzak is an unofficial name for the main character of Rez, and is based on a character who cameos in Toonami's review of the game who was actually first seen during the Toonami event Trapped in Hyperspace. Both are viruses, leading a fan to become confused and believe these two were the same. Even after the fan understood, by that point it had become too late and several reviewers had included the name in their reviews of Rez Infinite. (Tetsuya Mizuguchi has liked a tweet using the name.) So now it is treated as a nickname of sorts. The Toonami character's voice in the event it first appeared in was similar to the voice in the Sega Saturn commercials taking shots at Sony and Nintendo; so the name has been used to refer to that voice as well. Despite that, they are not the same characters.