Swayzak is the protagonist and player character of Rez. He is a virus invading Eden's mainframe in order to prevent her from shutting down. He's been voiced by Michael Dorn (on Toonami) and Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords in English (mostly in the PlayStation 4 commercials), but in Japan he is voiced by Norio Wakamoto.


Child of EdenEdit

He is the Virus that halts the awakening of Lumi into the K-Project. He claims that it's part of an espionage mission.


Swayzak infects Eden and makes her doubt her existence and try to shut herself down, in an attempt to prove that he's a powerful virus. He eventually finds himself regretting this and invading her mainframe to restart her and reveal the true being at her core. Upon rebooting, Eden thanks Swayzak.


Swayzak is a red demonic humanoid with glowing yellow eyes and a glowing vented mouth. His helmet has two arches on it which makes it resemble an "M". He has a slender body with a thin waist and thin legs. His feet are square with cablewires as toes. While he is not actually seen at any point during Rez, he possesses an avatar that the player controls within Project-K. His avatar has six forms, alongside a non-canonical seventh: a Morolian, as a homage to Space Channel 5, a game which was made by the same creator.

Zero Form First Form Second Form Third Form Fourth Form Final Form Real Form
M zero M first M second M third M fourth M final Swayzak2


  • Swayzak was originally the American mascot for the Sega Saturn. When Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Katsumi Yokota were developing Rez, they remembered the Sega Saturn commercials and decided to put Swayzak in the game, clarifying he was a computer virus.
  • Swayzak's real form was first seen during the Toonami event Trapped in Hyperspace, which was a promotion for Rez alongside Super Mario Sunshine. Jason DeMarco came up with the design of the character. His voice in the event was similar to the voice he had in the Sega Saturn commercials. Later on, Swayzak would cameo in Toonami's review of Rez, further clarifying that Tetsuya Mizuguchi made the character official. This must be the reason Jason DeMarco disowns Swayzak.
  • Swayzak has a New Zealand accent and a slight lisp. He has a bad tendency to spit if he talks too much, thanks to his lisp.
  • Eden has a crush on Swayzak.

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