An SYN is an eel-like virus that can be found in Area 3 and the Lost Area. There may be two versions: The long SYN's that take many shots to destroy and appear several times in a row, and the short, four-shot ones that come in large groups. Their sounds are hihats, cymbals, and low-pitched claps in Area 3, and just hihats and synth-cymbals in Lost Area.

Calling at an SYN in Area 3.

Area 3Edit

SYN's are red with green quills. Small SYN's appear in Layer Level 6 along with a Password Protector. The longer ones only appear three times in a row in Layer Level 7. This occurs for both regular Play Mode and Score Attack.

Lost AreaEdit

SYN's in the Lost Area are white with blue quills and orange cores. Both types appear here more frequently than those in Area 3.

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