Image of Lumi from the Child of Eden ending sequence.

Lumi was a human girl born on the 11th of September, 2019. She was born on the International Space Station, making her the first human born in space. She spent her life dreaming of Earth and singing to to its inhabitants. Upon her death, her body was preserved, and her memories were saved and archived, and stored within Eden, the information network of Project-K.

Project LumiEdit

In the 23rd century, scientists used Lumi's preserved data archives and attempted to recreate her as a sentient artificial intelligence within Eden, which was temporarily thwarted by a virus. After the infection was removed, the artificial intelligence, Eden, was born.

However, Eden suffered an existential crisis shortly after that -- thankfully Swayzak stopped that. To this day, Eden is giving information to those who need it, with Lumi's personality.

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