Eden in a humanoid form, as seen in Rez.

Eden is an artificial intelligence and information network contained within Project-K. Her purpose is to store and autonomously process information.

She serves as the central plot point of Rez, and is the environment in which Child of Eden takes place.

She is voiced by Ayumi Kida in Japan and Rachel Rhodes in English.


Eden started its existence as the Internet, but was renamed as humanity began to use it to store knowledge of the entire span of human history. Through Project-K, Eden could be accessed from anywhere in space.

Project LumiEdit


Lumi awakening within Eden, shown in the intro of Child of Eden.

During the 23rd century, scientists attempted to use the preserved data archives of Lumi, a 21st century human in an attempt to produce sentience inside Eden. After the data archives were cleansed of a large viral infection, Lumi re-awoke as Eden, a machine now capable of independent thought.

Existential crisisEdit

Some time after awakening as Eden, the information stored within her greatly increased and she is infected by a malicious virus named Swayzak, confusing Eden for enough time that she began to question the reason for her existence, finding that she had no purpose in the evolutionary cycle. Upon realizing that she possessed the power to escape from her paradoxical and meaningless existence, she shut herself down. In the process, this resulted in the contamination of Project-K, and the inability of humans to access the knowledge contained within her.


Eden communicating with Swayzak in the final area of Rez.

However, as Swayzak destroyed the firewalls within her core, she became more aware of her purpose, and upon awakening, she resumed her function.

After the events of Rez, it's assumed she continued to store knowledge and give people the information they needed. She also sends Swayzak on a mission into the K-Project's Lost Area. She also is hinted to have a crush on Swayzak.

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